Marching Cubes
C++ / OpenGL / OpenCL
This is one of my own projects. Trying to optimise the marching cube algorythm so it can be used in real time editable terrains. The purpose of this project is making the terrain destructable in real time. Using C++ OpenGL and OpenCL.

Project Mayhem
C++ / DirectX10
This is one of my own projects. It's written in C++ and uses Nvidia PhysX. It's still work in progress. But the purpose of this project is to try out new techniques. So i can use this engine later on.

PhysX Demo
C++ / DirectX10 / Nvidia PhysX
Here i'm testing out some of the features provided by the Nvidia PhysX engine. It's a small playground with some basic PhysX elements.

Nano Positive
C# / Windows Phone 7
Nano positive is a puzzle game written in C# for the windows phone 7. This project was made with a team of 4 people. To compete in the imagine cup competition.

UDK leveldesign
This is a school project. We had to make a level in UDK with the basic props that udk provides. So the emphasis lies on the design and lightning of our scene.